Move Up!

At Bellis, we are goal oriented and proud of the achievements of our past and present riders. There is a consistent pattern of riders moving up in the divisions and reaching goals that they never imagined before riding with Steve. His encouragement and confident teaching style seems to bring out the best in his riders, both in lessons at home and especially in the show ring.  He likes to think of each division, whether it’s the 1.05 or the 1.40 meter division, as a stepping stone to the next level for each individual rider. Time and again, Steve is able to assess his riders’ abilities, provide the appropriate challenges, and produce confident horse and rider combinations that are able to move quickly up the levels of competition under his supervision.


So often we see riders stuck in a division. There they are at the shows, year after year, jumping the same height, stuck in the low or the regular children’s or adult jumper divisions or the low juniors and amateurs. It takes a special trainer to give riders the confidence and the riding expertise to safely and competently move up to the next level. Every experience in the show ring and schooling at home is one from which we learn how to improve our performance in the ring and meet the next challenge. Sometimes improvement means gaining competence in ones’ current division.  More often, our riders are looking toward moving up to the next level and, in most cases, they do!


Steve is as effective with inexperienced riders as he is with those at the Grand Prix level, and he has brought riders literally from the short stirrup division to Grand Prix level of competition.


Here are some of Steve’s success stories :








Heidi Schaefer

(Fox hunter to

Circuit champion adult jumpers)

Caelinn Leahy

(short stirrup to junior jumpers as an 11 yr old!

 Team gold medal Saugarties NY as a 10 yr old)

 Holly Yeterian

 (local Low jumpers to champion and classic winner @ WEF)



Anna Banks (Small Pony Hunter to Grand Prix)


Josh VanderVeen (Short Stirrup to Grand Prix)


Kristen VanderVeen (Short Stirrup to Grand Prix)


Taylor McMurtry (Grand Prix)


Clare Rozran (Grand Prix)


Haylie Jayne (Grand Prix)



Alex Morefield (Small Pony to High Junior Jumper)


Skye Maclean (Children’s Hunters to High Junior Jumper)


Samantha Matz (Short Stirrup to Junior Jumper)


Molly Pounds (Equitation to High Junior Jumper)



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